An online-first approach to data-driven reporting.

Manage and publish your data as interactive visualisations
online and as beautiful images for print

Data Owners

Single Point of Truth

You want clear, beautiful communication by have limited resources. turns your data into stunning interactive data visualisations and high resolution images for print that are always up-to-date.

Creative Agencies

Seamless Integration

Client data is growing and changing faster than your staff can update assets. accelerates workflows by syncing data with interactive visualisations for online and static visualisations for print.

Share Your Data as Beautiful Visualisations That are Always Up-to-date

Built using Small Multiples' flexible and robust visualisation technology

Scatter plot
Grouped column
Stacked column

Start with an Excel spreadsheet an API a csv file  , finish
with   an interactive widget for web a vector image for print

Just 4 Steps from Your Raw Data
to Stunning Visualisations


We work with you to understand your goals and develop the best way to integrate data visualisation.


With a strategy in place we assist you with integrating your data with our service. Your data is cleaned, modelled, uploaded, and enriched to make it ready for the visualisation.


Our focus in this stage is to create the most engaging experience possible for your audience, whether we're designing standard charts or bespoke visualisations.


From here you are ready to share. The data visualisations can be exported as vector image for print or interactive

for web & print:

Change chart:
  • Pie
  • Column
  • Bar
  • Line
  • Scatter plot
  • Area

Each Step Handled by Dedicated Experts

Our team is made up of data visualisation specialists, data wranglers, developers, and designers. We've helped everyone from data journalists to the financial sector to art galleries look good and communicate clearly. We support each of our customers every step of the way.

Some of the companies we’ve created data visualisations for:

Perfect Packages With No Ongoing Costs

We have packages to suit all quantities of data and all levels of customisation and support. Once set up , your package will provide you with all the visualisations you need to communicate your data beautifully and clearly with no ongoing costs.

Bring Power & Clarity to Your Data Reporting

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Made by Small Multiples

Small Multiples is a data visualisation studio from Sydney, Australia.

Small Multiples has spent the last four years working side-by-side with customers needing complex bespoke data visualisations. Over this time we have invested thousands of hours into developing and hardening the technology behind The same technology behind your visualisation is the same that is used for high traffic, high performance events like federal budget reporting.

We believe in data transparency and that data visualisation is a powerful medium for communicating complex ideas. We aim to produce work that is at once accurate, beautiful, and contextual.